1) Date: 28.08.2019 – 31.08.2019
Remark: the period of the competition has been modified due to the unavailability of the hotel rooms.

2) Event organizers: Primaria Comunei Dumbravita, ACS Dumbravita, Emi TT &Gewo TT

3) Venue: Sala Polivalenta, Str. Codrului Nr. 3, Dumbravita, jud Timis, Cod 307160, Romania

4) Events:

MCBT  Mini cadet boys’ team  MCGT  Mini cadet girls’ team  Born 2008 and younger  U11 
YCBT  Younger cadet boys’ team  YCGT  Younger cadet girls’ team  Born 2006 and younger  U13 
CBT  Cadet boys’ team  CGT  Cadet girls’ team  Born 2004 and younger  U15 
JBT  Junior boys’ team  JGT  Junior girls’ team  Born 2001 and younger  U18 
MCBS  Mini cadet boys single  MCGS  Mini cadet girls single  Born 2008 and younger  U11 
YCBS2  Younger cadet boys single 2  YCGS2  Younger cadet girls single 2  Born 2007  12 
YCBS1  Younger cadet boys single 1  YCGS1  Younger cadet girls single 1  Born 2006  13 
CBS  Cadet boys single  CGS  Cadet girls single  Born 2004 and younger  U15 
JBS  Junior boys single  JGS  Junior girls single  Born 2001 and younger  U18 

5) Registration: We have to limit the number of entries to 240 players in total, in order of entries in all categories.
A player can participate in only one team event and one individual event.
The attached application form must be filled and sent to the following e-mail address: contact@tabletennis.tm.ro

6) Entry fee: player – 25euro, coaches – without entry fee

7) Payment: – Cash upon your arrival – Bank transfer: RO14BRDE360SV92308543600 –ACS Dumbravita

8) Deadlines:
Closing date entry: 25.07.2019
Free cancelation date: 15.08.2019
Remark: The entry fee for the missing player will be payed by the sports club where the player comes from.

9) System of play:
The competition is organized according to the ITTF regulations.
The team events will be played on Corbillon Cup System.
Round 1: team and individual events: – groups of 4 (possible groups of 3)
Round 2: team and individual events:
– 1st and 2nd places will play on the main draw
– 3rd and 4th places will play on the consolation draw
All matches best of 5 games.

10) Arbitration: In the preliminary and inferior groups, the arbitration will be provided by players under the supervision of an official umpire at every 4 tables.
In the upper stages (quarters, semifinals, finals) all matches will be umpired by the officials.

11) Awards: Will be awarded
– 1st … 4th places: trophy, medals, diplomas and sport materials
– 5th … 8th places: prizes
Remark: Tombola will be organized in every day with different prizes.

12) Data protection: By submitting the entry, the participants agree that:
– the photo and video may be distributed and published in print media as well as on the internet
– the result lists may be published and further processed.

13) Tournament director: Nicoleta HUSAR, +40 722 663 121, niconicoleta2000@yahoo.com

14) Competition manager: Dumitru BELTECHI (Emi), +40 747 630 959, db@emi-tt.ro

15) Equipment:
– 20 JOOLA tables – in the competition hall
– 6 GEWO tables – in the training hall
– GEWO Pro Select 40+ balls
– TARAFLEX – floor

16) Hospitality:

Hotel / Guest house  Single room  Double room  Family / triple room  Junior apartament  Executive apartment 
Strelita Timisoara  30 euro  40 euro  50 euro  x  X 
Anette Covaci  X  42 euro  x  x  X 
Genesa Dumbravita  X  38 euro  x  x  x 

– The prices from the hotels are only for the period 27.08.2019 – 31.08.2019. For other dates please consult the hotels’ webpages.
– The breakfast is assured by the hotels.
– Tickets for lunch (7 euro) and dinner (7 euro) can be bought from the organizers and will be served in nearness of the Sport Hall.

17) Transportation: Free transportation will be assured between:
– Hotels and Sport Hall
– Timisoara airport and hotels

18) Ambulance service: It will be assured by Timis Country Ambulance Service

19) Media: Dumbravita TV, TVR Timisoara, BLINK Studio Advertising

20) Visa: For those who would need visa to enter into the country, please contact the organizers until 30.06.2019.

21) Accreditation: The accreditation will be at the Sport Hall in 27.08.2019 between 12:00 – 22:00.

22) Official website: www.tabletennis.tm.ro


Registration form can be downloaded from this link: registration form


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